Pictures emailed to you after you email me the LaBR confirmation email

If you are having trouble that means Louisiana Boxer Rescue is having Website Issues with their Host Server.  

These are the instructions to make a donation for your pictures:


    1.  Log into "YOUR" Paypal Account.      


    2.  Click the "Money" Tab at the top of page        


    3.  Click Send Money under Money Tab


     4.  Click "Send Money to Friends or Family"    


     5.  Put email address "" in email section and amount to donate


     6.   In comment section put "BH PICTURES"    (do not list picture numbers here)


     7.  Hit Send


     8.   Email me at "" and give me the amount of your donation and pictures #'s ordered


Any questions or problems, please email me at the above email address and we will figure something out.....TKS


                                        100% of your donations go to pay vet bills for Boxers in need.

1st Picture $10.00 any additional pictures $5.00 


1st Picture already paid...each additional picture $5.00


New Orleans Barn Hunt Friends - December 1st through 3rd, 2017

To make a donation for pictures, please go to: and click on ANY donation button.  (no matter which button you use, all donations go towards paying vet billls).



Because I am also showing dogs, I can only guarantee at least 1 picture.  I will try my best to take multiple pictures but can only guarantee 1 in lieu of Sittiing fee of $10.


Sitting fee was $10 which goes towards your 1st picture. So if you are only interested in 1 pictures, no further donation needs to be made, just contact me and I will send you the picture of your choice.  If you want more than 1 picture, each additional picture will be $5.00.


If you donate an additional $20 ($5 for 4 pictures) I will try my best to send you some bonus pictures free of charge.


Once you make your donation, LBR will send you an email conformation, please forward that conformation to and let me know which pictures you purchased and I will email those pictures to you.


If you send the conformation email and do not hear from me within 24 hours, please contact me as I probably didn't get the conformation.  If you do not get your pictures within 24 hours, please contact me as I normally get all pictures out within 24 hours or less.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or Message me on FB.


Thank you once again for allowing me to take pictures and help Louisiana Boxer Rescue at the same time.


                                  Pictures for 

             NOLA Barn Hunt Friends  or CT Dog Service


                                  Click  HERE



Please do not download without permission...remember all donations go to

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Please do not download pictures without permission...


1.  Click and click on ANY Donate button (all donations go towards vet bills).


If you donate an additional $20 (4 pictures at $5 per picture), I will send some bonus pictures free of charge.



                                         please feel free to contact me at or Message me on FB


2.    When you receive your donation confirmation email from LaBR, email that confirmation to along with the picture number(s)

       you are interested in and the email address you would like the picture to be sent to.  Please email me with any questions.